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By purchasing a subscription to Decoded Pride Issue #2 (2021), not only will you get access to an illustrated story-a-day through our website starting June 1, but you will receive a full-color, professionally designed PDF of the entire anthology, including all 30 original science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories–and comics!–by LGBTQ+ writers, and you’re proving that there’s an audience for this work–which means more of it can be made.

Support independent queer art by buying a subscription to Decoded Pride Issue #2 in the Queer Spec store today! And don’t worry, you can still get your copy of 2020’s Issue #1 in the store!

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(Note: Subscriptions expire in January of each year, at which point the stories will be pulled from the website to make room for the next year’s stories–but that doesn’t mean you’ll lose your Decoded content! All subscribers receive links to the PDF and eBook versions of the yearly Decoded anthology as soon as they’re available, which you can keep forever!)

eBook Editions: Decoded #1

Decoded Pride Anthology is pleased to announce we now have a Special eBook edition of Issue #1! This edition includes all of the original stories, comics, and their accompanying illustrations, as well as an all-new foreword, mini-interviews with over 20 creators, and a coupon code for a full-color version of the PDF that you can use in our store above.

(If you already purchased an eBook edition of Decoded and are trying to access your free full-color pdf, head to the store using the button above and enter the promotional code inside of your eBook edition.)

Order your copy at these links:

Note: If you’re hoping to borrow your eBook from your local library, ask them about acquiring our title through OverDrive or their other eBook platforms.